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Accessible health care toward a healthier community
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The Indian Doctors Charity Clinic’s focus is to provide basic healthcare services to those in the Houston community who do not have access to such services.



We provide nonurgent medical, preventive, and health maintenance services to individuals over the age of 18 in our clinic.


We provide ophthalmologic exams, eyeglass prescriptions, and evaluation and treatment of nontraumatic semi-acute and chronic eye conditions.


We provide phlebotomy and laboratory testing services required for health maintenance, screening, and preventive care.

Diabetes Management

Our service empowers you to take control and live well with diabetes, supported by expert guidance and tailored care.

High Blood Pressure and Kidney Diseases

Protect your kidneys, prioritize blood pressure control for longevity and vitality.

Rheumatology (Joint Diseases)

Our comprehensive services cater to joint diseases, restoring comfort and enhancing quality of life.

Oncology/Hematology (Cancer)

Together, we strive for hope, healing, and resilience against cancer’s challenges.